My Top 10 Albums of 2015

I still buy music.  Yes, I actually purchase and download albums and songs.  I remember when Napster dropped and I would spend hours and hours downloading music.  It was like being unleashed in a giant music super store grabbing anything and everything I could think of...for free.  I know there are ton of sites still out there, but … Continue reading My Top 10 Albums of 2015

Marcus Samuelsson

Several years ago I produced a development reel with celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson.  If you don't know who he is, I highly recommend reading 'Yes Chef'. Marcus was in LA promoting his new book with a restaurant take over at Son of a Gun.  Our goal was to capture Marcus in action and edit a reel for several projects … Continue reading Marcus Samuelsson



I was in Art School and it was my senior year.  I was finishing up a bunch of projects burning the candle at both ends and I finally had a night off.  My plan was to sleep in.  I remember waking up late that day.  I stumbled around, read the paper, showered, cleaned up a … Continue reading Banana

The History of Branded Entertainment I pitched an idea to create three short animated episodes to explain the world of Branded Entertainment and to help promote Brand Arc, the company I work for.  Our company lives in a unique space.  We connect brands into content and storylines on all platforms.  Some like to call it product placement and we would always say … Continue reading The History of Branded Entertainment

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships

After completing 'The Extremists in High Definition' our production company needed to drum up more work.  We invited everyone we knew to come over to our studio and watch the show in all its high-def glory.  Once we started producing in HD there was no turning back.  Everyone we spoke to was blown away by the image quality and our … Continue reading Red Bull Cliff Diving World Championships

The Extremists in High Definition – The Story

'The Extremists' was a successful syndicated action sports show that aired from the early 90's to 1997.  The first three seasons highlighted the best extreme athletes from around the world and the show was narrated by the iconic KLOS disc jockey Jim Ladd. In 1995, the syndicator Eyemark Entertainment suggested bringing in a host and hired professional volleyball star … Continue reading The Extremists in High Definition – The Story