The History of Branded Entertainment

I pitched an idea to create three short animated episodes to explain the world of Branded Entertainment and to help promote Brand Arc, the company I work for.  Our company lives in a unique space.  We connect brands into content and storylines on all platforms.  Some like to call it product placement and we would always say yes that is part of it, but our core business was integrating the brand into storylines.  There is so much more to Branded Entertainment than placing products into content…hence the idea to create this digital series.  My idea was to create a whiteboard animation, keep it short and entertaining while educating potential new clients the ins and outs of Branded Entertainment.

I began researching various whiteboard animation companies (there are quite a few out there) and out of the blue I received an e-mail through LinkedIn from an Estonian artist Almondi Esco.  In this business timing is everything.  We began communicating via Skype and shortly after began working on the animated series.  Everyone wondered why I would hire an artist from Estonia, even down to our book keeper when it came time to wire funds to this eastern European country.  Simply put, what I loved about Almondi was his unique style and passion he brought to the project, and unlike the whiteboard animation companies I was speaking with, his work stood out.



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